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Why choose cotton linen clothing in summer ?


As much as we care about the latest fashion trends, colors and shapes, we must not forget the importance of comfort and health. So, what should be your choice for the summer season? we are not grandiloquent when we say that linen tunics and dresses, linen shirts or blouses are really non-replaceable, when travelling or in hot and humid climate.

The main benefit of wearing linen clothes is the coolness they provide. Thanks to the weave and linen fiber specifics, linen fabric allows more air-flow over your body. Summer clothes made of linen possess high air permeability, which allows air to flow through the fabric easily and allows the body to breathe. linen fabric will quickly remove the perspiration from the skin. Linen is a highly absorbent and good conductor of heat. Linen weave reflects heat better too ,This means linen blouse, linen dress or shirt has good shading properties as well. people wearing linen clothes have been found to show a skin temperature of 3°- 4°C below that of those similarly dressed in silk or Man-made fabric

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Secondly linen clothes are anti-allergic, which is very important as the clothes we wear are in direct contact with our skin. Clothing made of linen is completely safe to be worn by those who have extremely dry skin, are prone to various allergies or have eczema. What is more, linen can even help with the aforementioned or other skin problems. 

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Linen is a hard wearing fabric, known for its tensile strength. Therefore, linen clothes can be washed as often as needed. and washing only makes linen softer and more pleasant to the touch.

alneed linen dress

All these properties allow linen to function well in hot or humid conditions ,and significantly alleviate the effects of the heat and humidity on the wearer. This means having linen clothes in your wardrobe is not only an idea it’s a decision that will make you feel comfortable, confident, fashion ,casual and pretty, too!

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