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Slip Dress look like nightgown ? Wear right, It is very stylish!

It's getting hotter and hotter; skirts and dresses has become Google hot Search. If you are talking about the most
“summer” skirt, it is probably Slip Dress. It is like your second skin wrapped your body, two fine condole carries on
your shoulder, delicate cool and refreshing; It is an special item, coexists with high fashion and casual, just with
different collocations, it can manage all occasions. Because of charm of Cotton Linen material, Cotton Linen Dress
is the trends of these years. Today, I will focus on recommend Cotton Linen Slip dress.

With so many Slip Dress, which one is your favorite?

1. Solid Slip Dress

Solid Slip Dress

For woman after something a little more simple, she might be interested in this Alneed Slip Dress, clean color, side
pockets design, pleats at waist, crisp but sweet.. No Pattern With such dress, it is easy to have romantic, flowing,
chic and femininity. This ALNEED pleated dress, can easy match with shirt / Tee, it said to be perfect for working,
traveling, parties and weekend.

2. Print / Dot Slip Dress

Dot Slip Dress

Dot printing + Slip dress, another landscape in hot Summer. Not only sweet, but also stand out from the crowd.
Pleats at breast & waist, ankle length, comfortable and breathable quality made this slip dress unique.

3. Slim-cut Slip Dress

Slim-cut Slip summer Dress

If you love your body and feel great in it, then try this dress – artistic bohemian style plus irregular bottom reflects
personalities and energy;V neck and slim cut highlight neck and clavicle line as well as length body shape, increase
sexy magic power and woman flavour. It very suitable for beaching and traveling.

4. Plaid Slip Dress

Plaid Slip Dress

If there is some element that said to be timelessly, Plaid must be in the list. Check can be call Classic pattern.
Nowadays, everybody is chasing for chic, for women who thought themselves without fine facial features and less
competitiveness, why not try this dress? Classic Plaid pattern plus the classic red color, will make you delight the
eyes and stand out in crowd. Pleats of this dress also add a playful feel.

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