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How to wash your cotton linen clothes correctly?


Cotton and linen clothing was made of pure natural plant fiber textile, It has many positive properties
that make cotton linen clothes popular among people on various ages.But linen clothes are different from other
fabrics such as polyester, it's easy to fade when washed and wrinkled easily. So how to wash these clothes correctly?

Here are some tips for you.

1. Check the washing instructions. Although all cotton linen dresses, tunics, trousers and shirts etc.
    can be washed in a washer, other materials used for stitching, trim or lining may require dry cleaning.
    Ignoring or being unaware of that advice can ruin your garment.

2. Always wash your cotton linen clothes on your machine’s gentle cycle. select the maximum water level,
    Your clothing should move freely. Be sure to turn all your tops, dresses, and other clothing  inside-out
    before putting them in the washer.Make sure the any other items in the washer are similar your linen clothes in
    terms of color,weight and washing instructions.

3. If you hand wash linen clothes, only use a gentle swishing motion, ever wring, twist or scrub
    the fabric. Hand washing is recommended for clothes that is not heavily soiled, or for linen fabric with a loose
    weave, which might be damaged during washing in a washer.

4. Washed in lukewarm temperatures, natural fabrics tend to shrink or fade if washed in warm or hot
    water. Washing in cold water is not only extends the life of your clothing,but it's also better for your wallet
    and the environment.

5. Use only a mild detergent for washing. and make sure that all of it is completely rinsed from the
    piece of clothing before drying. Soaking the cotton linen clothes into mixed 5% white vinegar water for about
    2 minutes will fix the color more better.

6. Air drying clothes whenever possible, as the dryer causes wear and tear with each use,even when on a gentler
    setting. Just make sure to lie flat when wet and be careful that they don't lose their shape.

Your thoughts?

How do you wash your clothes? Do you already follow any of these methods? Any laundry tips you'd like to share? Do you ever air dry your clothes? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!

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