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Do you Wanna to be more beautiful in cotton Linen clothes ?

As the old saying goes, "Don't wear big hat, if you don't have such a big head". It's the same to wearing clothes. Alneed Cotton Linen products is inclusive! No matter what body type you have (tall or short, fat or thin), there is always a suitable one for you! However, Each body frame are different, it is necessary to choose the correct clothes based on your body type.

Generally speaking, if you think you are relatively plump, you can choose some non-transparent clothes, so that the excess fat can be hidden as well as avoid exposing. As for the colors and sizes, we suggest you try to choose dark colors and large size. As for an example, below blue floral printing Loose dress is a very good choice! The design of high-waisted show off your curves but elongate your leg. Pleats at waist can hide your excess fat, plus the most popular element - floral printing, this dress can make you stand out in a crowd and be the epitome of grace! Do you want to have a try?

 Alneed linen print maxi dress

For those not tall, you can choose Alneed suits (blouse + pants/shirt) to exaggerates your height.

Below Short tee and high waisted harem pants is a good choice for short girls. Tops- the bright orange color, small chest pocket, irregular bottom makes you  to be lovely; Bottom - High waisted design makes the legs were thin line symmetry and look tall; Harem pants is another surprise item populating the runway this year.

 Cotton Linen Loose Haren Pants

If you insist to have jumpsuits, this Printing Cropped pants is your best choice! Green Blue sunflower Printing represents youth, beauty and chic. The pants length is just right, shows your ankles which can makes you look thinner taller and smart!

Alneed jumpsuit

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